Fun Friday: Let me tell you a secret:

For this edition of Fun Friday, I want to take a break from the weight and seriousness of this last week’s posts and share with you something you might not know about me yet:

I have a sense of humor!

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If you know me outside of this blog, I am certain this does not surprise you.  It is always a priority of mine to be as “real” as possible in my relationships, and that includes the relationships I form through blogging.  In some ways, this is easy for me because I am not good at pretending to think and feel differently than I actually do.

I realized this week, as I was publishing yet another “serious” blog topic, that I have been hiding a bit of my personality in the midst of some heavier topics.  So here is today’s confession, and I swear to you it is true even in the midst of my serious moments: I am ridiculous.

What do I mean by ridiculous? I have no shame in making a fool of myself for the enjoyment of others.  As long as it is God honoring in an appropriate setting, my silliness has no limits.

For the record, my best teacher in the art of ridiculous is indeed my husband.  If you were to peek into the privacy of my home (or better yet a long family car ride), you would not always find a deep conversation about Christ, sin, or the Bible.  You are quite likely to find two grown adults putting aside all maturity to do things like newly invented dance moves and crazy faces or pointless rhyming games followed by silly song writing.

We are insanely happy people, and we love to laugh.  God has blessed me with a husband that loves to laugh with me.  I have always loved to make others laugh, and I can become such a jokester that at times my sense of humor will even rear its head at inappropriate times.  Sometimes it gets the best of me, and I need a solid reminder to join in on “grown up time.”

So there you have it.  The girl you’ve been trusting to speak serious truth to you is in fact a clown in hiding.  Praise the Lord for laughter, and thank you in advance for not using this secret against me in the future!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!